A preview of E.J. Barnes and Jay Kennedy’s subcultures comic ‘HAMS’!

Here’s the first page (of 6) of Jay Kennedy’s and my story “Hams”, that will be appearing in Ninth Art Press's Subcultures upcoming anthology.

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I’m James. I’m a 28 year old straight male, so in theory I fit the profile of the average comic book reader. Thankfully, the reality is less bland, and from my experiences at cons and online, I’ve seen how diverse the world of comics is. Fans and creators come from all walks of life, different races, genders, sexualities. Unfortunately, there’s an ongoing problem with the way some sections of the comics community are treating those who don’t ‘fit the profile’, and it’s got to stop.

I’m sorry to say I had no idea how bad the situation was until recently, and I’d like to add my voice to those who are saying what should be obvious - if you’re threatening someone because they didn’t like a cover, you’re a bully. You’ve lost all perspective and you should be ashamed. The internet isn’t a void that you can hurl abuse into with no repercussions. You’re not being edgy, you’re a cliche.

The insane thing is, more often than not, the comics involved - the ones that seem to cause the most anger when people dare to critique them - are about superheroes. They’re about people who are persecuted for being different, they’re about sticking up for those who need it most. When you find yourself identifying with the villains, you’ve lost your way.

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I wanted people to notice that I was actually working on art at Maine Comics Arts Festival in Portland, ME this past weekend, in hopes of inspiring commisions, or at least sketch requests. So in the occasional lull during the show, I worked on a colored pencil on toned paper piece.

The bird is entirely made up — I had just seen my first Scarlet Tanager a few days before, but the blues in my pencil set caught my eye. So I’m going to call this an Azure Tanager. There ain’t no such animal, as far as I can figure. If, however, anyone reading this knows a bird that looks just like this (blue body and head, dark wings, no crest), please let me know.

Free Comic Book Day this year allowed me an opportunity to sell a number of my self-published comics, most notably Caroline’s Catalog and my greeting cards. Despite it being very busy, however, not a lot of people asked me for commissioned drawings, either free (pencil) or cheap (marker or colored pencil). I did, however, have some time to work on a sketch of my own, straight out of my head. I know the perspective is off, one foot is sort of at the wrong angle, and the rear-view mirror is too long, but what the hey.

My own entry for Draw A Bird Day 2014: A Blue Jay.


Draw a Bird Day: Marsh Wren

Drawn for ejbarnes, for Draw A Bird Day!

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This is the commission I ordered from B. Prager, which got drawn today — Draw A Bird Day.

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Was experimenting recently with defining panel borders (including dream sequences and flashbacks) solely using watercolors, for the current revision of Spirits & Seekers: Cagliostro in Courland. My test images (3 of the 6 are shown here) are all based on the 1784 portrait of Elisa von der Recke by Joseph Friedrich August Darbes (bottom). Elisa was the author of Account of the notorious Cagliostro’s sojourn in Mitau in 1779, and his magical operations there (1787), and is a major character in my graphic novel Spirits & Seekers.